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Inaugural Lectures Archive

21 May Michelle Miller Professor

Cardiovascular Disease, Inflammation, Sleep and Health: A Medical Biochemist’s Journey from Bedside to Bench and back again

MTC Lecture Theatre/ Online
11 April Stephen Royle Professor

A Very Cellular Song

MTC Lecture Theatre/Online
14 June Amy Grove Professor

Surgical research and researching surgery: collective wisdom and collective blindness

MTC Lecture Theatre/Online
23 May David Ellard Professor

'Work in process: from OPERA to CHESS (and beyond…) Process evaluations in clinical trials of complex interventions.'

26 April Anna Seale Professor

'Mind the Gap: infectious disease epidemiology out of the armchair'

15 March Harbinder Sandhu Professor

'“Change nothing and nothing changes” - The Science and Art of Behaviour Change in Health'

16 November Celia Brown Professor

'How fast do I need to run? The dark art of standard setting and my journey to telling you about it'

10 May Dan Lasserson Professor

'How much of the acute hospital can be replaced with Acute Hospital at Home care models?'

24 March Olanrewaju Sorinola Professor

'Bringing New Life into the World: The Urogynaecologist View'

13 January Felicity Boardman Professor

'Valuing Lived Experience in a Genomic Age: Why the Personal is Still Political'

1 December Rebecca Kearney Professor

'Being a Super Woman. Not being Superwoman'

18 November Richard Tunstall Professor

‘You’re a clinical anatomist…surely there’s nothing new for you to do!?’

20 October Debra Bick Professor

The importance of clinical trials in maternity care: why we need to stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater

21 September Anne Straube Professor

MAPping the Intracellular Transport Network

5 December Mark Bailey  Professor of Infection My Adventures in Tropical Medicine MTC Lecture Theatre
17 February Richard King Innovation Lead, UHCW The Innovator's Journey - convinced that there is always a way… CSB Lecture Theatre, UHCW
26 March Mohan Balasubramanian Professor The 3Cs: Cricket, Chemistry and Cytokinesis Lecture Theatre, Medical Teaching Centre
30 January Ruth McDonald* Professor of Governance and Public Management Money, medicine and miracles: the perils and promise of 'Paying for Performance' in the NHS and beyond B0.01, Warwick Business School
27 February Richard Lilford* Professor An Enlightenment Junkie heads for Africa B0.01, Warwick Business School
20 March Gerry McGivern* Professor of Organisational Analysis Professionalism, performance and purpose: Making life meaningful B0.01, Warwick Business School
15 April Mark Pallen Professor in Biomedicine Nothing in Microbiology makes Sense except in the Light of Evolution Medical Teaching Centre, Gibbet Hill
28 May Mark Achtman Professor Natural history of pathogenic bacteria that infect humans Medical Teaching Centre, Gibbet Hill
11 June 2014 Robert Higgins Professor Transplanting the Un-transplantable University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire

*These lectures are part of a joint series between WBS and WMS.

10 January Charles Hutchinson Professor of Clinical Imaging A Model Radiologist University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire
21 March Stavros Petrou Professor in Health Economics Economic aspects of perinatal and paediatric health care: A journey through research developments MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
26 April Bernard Crump Professorial Clinical Teaching Fellow Follow My Leader; the Place of Leadership in Medical Practice MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
21 June Steve Torr Professor of Neglected Tropical Diseases (joint appointment between WMS and LSTM) Disease, flies and fatal attractions MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
29 November Judith Klein Professor Sticking together: lipids, membrane proteins and their interactions MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
9 March Rob Cross Professor of Mechanochemical Cell Biology Inner Space Walking MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
20 April Gavin Perkins Professor in Critical Care Medicine A Story of Broken Hearts and Broken Lungs MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
10 May Jan Brosens Head of Division of Reproductive Health Pregnancy, a most peculiar journey University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire
29 June Geraldine Hartshorne Professorial Fellow Female reproductive ageing - not an old wives' tale University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire
19 October Matthew Costa Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedics If you want to be a success, you can’t worry about upsetting people… MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
16 November Jonathan Millar Professor A Cellular Life of S and M MTC, Gibbet Hill Campus
18 January Professor Frances Griffiths Professor Medicine in Society: a complex mix
15 February Professor Siobhan Quenby Professor of Obstetrics Preventing pregnancy loss: A translational approach
15 March Professor Aileen Clarke Professor How we know what we know and why we do what we do - Research, Evidence, Knowledge, Practice and Values in Healthcare
17 May Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulos Professor of Molecular Medicine Hormones (of stress), Heptahelical (proteins), Homeostatic (pathways) and other Greek words...
14 June Professor Annie Young Professor of Nursing From El Alamein to Berlin? a trail of trials
13 September Professor Simon Murch Professor of Paediatric and Child Health Ancient Paths for Modern Kids
18 October 2011 Professor Christopher James Co-Director Institute of Digital Healthcare and Professor of Healthcare Technology Science: Fact or Fiction?
A biomedical engineer’s journey from measuring spikes to father of telepathy
15 November 2011 Professor Jeremy Wyatt Professor of eHealth Innovation, Co-Director, Institute for Digital Healthcare Innovation in healthcare: can digital technologies really make the difference?
19 January Professor Jill Thistlethwaite Professor Inter the Future: Stories about patients and professionals
16 February Professor Dieter Wolke Professor Small beginnings - large impact
16 March Professor Bill Fulford Professor of Philosophy & Mental Health Philosophers and Phobosophers – the uses and abuses of philosophy in psychiatry
20 April Professor Ala Szczepura Professor of Health Services Research From Rhetoric to Reality - Lessons Learned
18 May Professor Chris Poole Professor of Oncology Cancer of the Breast is a Systemic disease: discuss
22 June Professor Peter Winstanley Dean of Warwick Medical School The Quarter-century! – 25 years on malaria and the development of research capacity
21 September Professor Martin Feelisch Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology Chasing Nitric Oxide - An adventurous journey from drug discovery to altitude physiology
20 January Professor Nigel Stallard Professor of Medical Statistics The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men: experimental design for pre-clinical and clinical trials
17 February Professor Justin St John Professor of Reproductive Biology The continuous life cycle of the mitochondrial genome - should we be grateful to our mothers and pleased that our fathers didn't intervene?
17 March Professor Neil Johnson Professor of Medical Education Looking Back and Looking Forward – the Journeys of a Medical Educator
21 April Professor Damian Griffin Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Taming the Rhinoceros: The New Orthopaedic Surgeons
19 May Professor Jane Barlow Professor of Public Health in the Early Years “Let them not make me a stone and let them not spill me”: Reflections on a decade of research on parenting support interventions
22 September Professor Donald Singer Professor of Clinical Pharmachology Cardiovascular Targets for Drug Discovery
17 November Professor John Davey Professor of Biomedical Research Sex and drugs and Rac and Rho
19 February Professor Martin Underwood Professor of Primary Care Research  
18 March Professor Matthew Cooke Professor of Emergency Medicine Widgets, Gadgets and Gore
20 May Professor Sudhesh Kumar Professor of Medicine and Pro-Dean (Research)  
17 June Professor Sallie Lamb Professor of Rehabilitation To boldly go: The Journeys of a Clinical Trialist
16 September Professor Peter Abrahams Professor of Clinical Anatomy Quo Vadis- Anatomy? The Adventures of a travelling Clinical Anatomist
21 October Professor Scott Weich Professor of Psychiatry Mind the Gap: Psychiatry and Public Mental Health
18 November Professor Paul Thornalley Professor of Systems Biology  
16 January Professor Franco Cappuccio Cephalon Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Epidemiology For Richer, for Poorer, in Sickness and in Health - a Tale of the Unexpected
20 February Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown Professor in Public Health From Wellies to Wellbeing: A Public Health Story
20 March Professor David Spanswick Professor of Molecular Neurosciences Food for Thought - the Brain and Obesity
15 May Professor Janet Dunn Professor of Clinical Trials Oncology - Trials, Tribulations and Success
19 June Professor Swaran Singh Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry Journey to Ithaca - from Surgery to Psychiatry via Rights and Riots
16 October Professor Margaret Thorogood Professor of Epidemiology From Family Planning to Healthy Aging
20 November Professor Victor Zammit Professor of Metabolic Biochemistry Metabolic Memories
19 September Professor Jeremy Dale Professor of Primary Care  
17 October Professor Steve Thornton Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Understanding the Mechanism of Human Labour
21 November Professor Ed Peile Professor of Medical Education Medical Learners: Reflections on Specialisms, Sleep and Maturity