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Inaugural lectures 2010

21 September Professor Martin Feelisch Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology Chasing Nitric Oxide - An adventurous journey from drug discovery to altitude physiology
22 June Professor Peter Winstanley Dean of Warwick Medical School The Quarter-century! – 25 years on malaria and the development of research capacity
18 May Professor Chris Poole Professor of Oncology Cancer of the Breast is a Systemic disease: discuss
20 April Professor Ala Szczepura Professor of Health Services Research From Rhetoric to Reality - Lessons Learned
16 March Professor Bill Fulford Professor of Philosophy & Mental Health Philosophers and Phobosophers – the uses and abuses of philosophy in psychiatry
16 February Professor Dieter Wolke Professor Small beginnings - large impact
19 January Professor Jill Thistlethwaite Professor Inter the Future: Stories about patients and professionals