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Leading Lights 2012

Warwick Medical School Inaugural Lecture Series

Professor Jan Brosens


Date: 10 May 2012

Location: Clinical Sciences Building Lecture Theatre, UHCW

Time: Welcome reception starting at 11:45. The lecture will start at 12:15

Pregnancy, a most peculiar journey

It is widely assumed that a successful pregnancy is dependent upon harmonious interactions between the developing embryo and the mother.

In reality, most human pre-implantation embryos are grossly abnormal; necessitating activation of mechanisms in the womb that limit maternal investment in compromised pregnancies.

Defects in this process of maternal quality control of the implanting embryo have catastrophic effects, leading either to miscarriage or to late pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia.

Understanding the molecular pathways that enable maternal recognition and selection of the implanting embryo may completely overhaul how we deliver pregnancy care in the future.