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Leading Lights 2013

Warwick Medical School Inaugural Lecture Series

Professor Charles Hutchinson

Chalres Hutchinson

Date: 10 January 2013

Location: CSB, UHCW

Time: Welcome reception starting at 11:30. The lecture will start at 12:00.

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A Model Radiologist

Imaging or radiology has been used since X-Rays were first identified in 1895 and it has become increasingly sophisticated. Major advances in imaging with the clinical introduction of CT in 1973 and MR in 1983 has changed the way we look at ourselves.

The images resolution that can now be obtained in cross sectional imaging has improved dramatically and therefore also the number of images generated. With the introduction of PACS in 2006 we store all our image data in a digital format. This gives us the means to manipulate that data and in doing so extract information that was not previously possible.

I have been involved in image processing since 1991, generating models of the brain and musculoskeletal system, as well as prostate and small bowel. Modern radiology uses image reconstruction to produce models which not only help us handle the large amounts of data but also to extract new information that are not visible on an individual level.