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Inaugural Lecture 2014

Warwick Business School and Warwick Medical School Inaugural Lecture Series

Professor Richard Lilford

Date: 27 February 2014

Location: B0.01, Warwick Business School

Time: Welcome reception starting at 17:30. The lecture will start at 18:00.

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An Enlightenment Junkie heads for Africa

Just how does an academic doctor end up giving an inaugural lecture in a business school? Join us for a provocative and entertaining evening to find out...

Professor Lilford's career, although eclectic, has single unifying theme: a passionate interest in research methods, which has underpinned all his research and practice.

Drawing the contours of a career as Head of clinical academic department, senior civil servant, Head of school of health and population sciences, member of Council for a medical Royal College, and various executive and non-executive directorships, his lecture will focus on how we get to know things rather than on what we think we know.

Decisions turn on values (preferences) and probabilities. Yet the human mind is notoriously bad at computing probabilities. In short the mind is prone to error and the scientific cannon is there for a very good reason; to mitigate that error. Error may be the result of inaccuracy or imprecision.

Professor Lilford will summarise mitigations for inaccuracy and explain the crucial distinction between internal and external validity and the issue of precision in decision making.

Professor Lilford's aim is to change the fundamental basis of management and policy research internationally and so the final section of the lecture will turn to international research and the opportunities this brings not just to help solve practical problems but to enrich the research enterprise.

Warwick Business School and Warwick Medical School Inaugural Lecture Series will be hosted by:

  • Professor Mark P. Taylor, Dean, Warwick Business School
  • Professor Peter Winstanley, Dean, Warwick Medical School

There is no charge for this event, but booking is essential as places are limited.