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Some of our staff, students and alumni have shared what they are currently working on and their experiences working on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic. Take a look at the profiles below to find out more about their roles and experiences so far.

Eze Nwamaka Eze Nwamaka

Master's in Public Health Graduate

"...I started a series of podcasts titled Coronavirus Logues...The Coronavirus Logues sessions aim to dispel public misconceptions about Coronavirus and to educate Nigerians on the need to take responsibility in efforts to reduce the spread of the virus..."

Ciara DoyleCiara Doyle

MB ChB graduate

"...I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the NHS front line during the battle. The values of teamwork, supporting those around you and being a part of NHS have been proven...."

YasminYasmin Omar

MB ChB Student

"...we were offered the opportunity to work as Care Support Workers across the South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, University Hospital Coventry and George Eliot Hospital; allowing us to make a contribution to the pandemic in our own right..."

Eleanor MolloyEleanor Molloy

PhD Student

"My research is a mixed methods study. I am using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, from a feminist standpoint to explore the experiences of and support seeking for, Birth Trauma in diverse populations..."

Tom and JPTom and Jean-Pierre

MB ChB Students 

"Patient Connect aims to provide in-hospital patients with the technology and support to facilitate internet-enabled video and voice calls with their relatives. This project involves the distribution of tablet devices across all wards in UHCW NHS Trust..."

Kat RobertsCat Roberts

MB ChB Graduate 

"…So far, I think we are seeing evolution in the way in which healthcare is being delivered at a pace which was unimaginable even a month ago. At the same time we are seeing the emergence of completely new concepts..."

Jessica NolanJessica Nolan

MB ChB Graduate 

"When starting work as an F1 this year I never thought that I would be facing anything as challenging as the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only is it a new virus which we are learning more about on a daily basis, but also the whole structure of my F1 year has changed..."

Matt ThompsonMatt Thompson

MB ChB Student

"I’m currently in the middle of photographing portraits of George Eliot Hospital staff, where I’m placing particular focus on those roles who have had to adapt, retrain or ramp up in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic..."

Roopak Khara Roopak Khara

MB ChB Graduate 

"Overnight I went from working as a general adult psychiatry registrar on a PICU (psychiatric intensive care unit) to medical lead for the UK’s first psychiatric inpatient COVID-19 ward in West London. ..."

Tom KnowlesTom Knowles

MB ChB Student

"I have been working for some time with an organisation named EveryDoctor...a campaigning group with a pro-doctor pro-NHS slant...we were contacted by a multinational NGO, Avaaz, who really kicked off this examination of Covid-19 based misinformation..."


MB ChB Student

"...We have also been offered the opportunity to take up roles in the NHS like our fourth year counterparts. We are going in as a morph of HCA/medical student. Essentially, an extra pair of hands to help in this unprecedented time...."

AnjAnj Kang

MB ChB Phase I Secretary

"The role I applied for was the NHS Volunteer Responders role. The help people need can vary from collecting prescriptions to doing a food shop..."


MB ChB Student

"...COVID-19 is unprecedented and the event of a generation and anything that I can do to help, no matter how small, I feel duty bound to help, as (hopefully) a future doctor, a current medical student and also as a human being."

Shirley RigbyShirley Rigby

Associate Clinical Professor

"For the past 6 weeks I’ve been consultant on a Covid-19 ward at Warwick Hospital. It was a rapid learning curve, learning how to diagnose and treat a new disease that none of us had seen before..."

Ann CaineAnn Caine

Divisional Manager for Biomedical Sciences

"...The next challenge has been to facilitate the conversion of one of our laboratories at the Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories...into a Covid-19 testing centre..."

Mark BaileyMark Bailey

Professor of Infection

"In March 2020, I was already the consultant in charge of the infectious diseases isolation ward at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital when COVID-19 arrived..."