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WMS Coronavirus Update for Education and Teaching


WMS recognises that each and every student faces different impacts of Covid-19 depending on their personal circumstances and employment characteristics (which for many part-time students is in NHS roles).

We also recognise that each course we offer is differentially impacted depending on learning environment (laboratory or clinical settings etc), pressures on clinical academic workforce, and local and national decisions and restrictions in place.

Our plans focus on key constructs of enabling learners to contribute to domestic or national issues without detriment whilst also enabling timely academic progression for students. As the situation is constantly evolving and this evolution is both at the course level (for example access to facilities or placement issues) as well as at the individual student level we advise all students to seek the most current information through course Moodle pages and submit any queries to their administrative leads or relevant portfolio email resource account.

In addition, please continue to check in with the latest information on the University’s coronavirus web pages and access guidance and information from Wellbeing Support Services on coronavirus and managing your wellbeing.

If you haven’t already subscribed to the student e-newsletter and you would like to receive updates you can do so via this link;

We are incredibly proud of the contribution our student body are making to the current crisis and assure you of our fullest support in fulfilling both necessary course learning outcomes and those personal goals you will had had at the start of your academic journey.