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Andor WF/TIRF microscope

Located in IBRB in room IBR3.18.

Owned by the Mohan Balasubramanian lab.


  • 100x oil, 1.49NA, Apo TIRF, 0.12 WD, with correction collar, DIC N2
  • 40x oil, 1.30NA, Plan Fluor, 0.24 WD, DIC N2
  • 20x air, 0.75NA, Plan Apo, 1.0 WD, DIC N2
  • 10x air, 0.45NA, Plan Apo, 4.0 WD, DIC N1

Dichroic filters:

  • GFP/cy3 SEM-FF493/574-Di01, BrightLine Semrock
  • Quadro standard SEM-Di01-R405/488/561/635, BrightLine Semrock

Emission filters (all Semrock):

  • Quadro TR-F440-521-607-700
  • DAPI TR-F452-045
  • GFP TR-F525-050
  • Cy3 TR-F617-073
  • Cy5 TR-F685-040
  • mCherry LP FF01-593/LP