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Methods reporting

Microscope (Make, Model) Andor Revolution XDi with TIRF
Inverted or upright Inverted
Objective: manufacturer, magnification, numerical aperture, immersion, correction (if any)

Select the one/s used:

Nikon, 100x, 1.49, oil, CFI Plan Apo TIRF

Nikon, 100x, 1.4, oil, CFI Plan Apo

Nikon, 60x, 1.4, oil, CFI Plan Apo

Nikon, 20x, 0.75, air, CFI Plan Apo VC

Light source(s)

Select the one/s used:

405 nm, 488 nm, 515 nm, 561 nm, 647 nm lasers

Filters, dichroic mirrors, beam splitters

Select the one/s used:

Spinning disk:

Dichroic: 405/488/561/640 nm

Secondary dual-camera dichroic: 560 nm

Emission filters:

DAPI - 460/60

GFP - 525/50

mCherry - 617/73

Cy5 - 685/40

IFP - 708/75

Quad - 440/521/607/700


Dichroics: 488/568 and 405/488/561/635

Emission filters:

DAPI: 452/45

GFP: 525/50

mCherry: 617/73

Cy5: 685/40

Quad: 440/521/607/700

Information on other filters are available on request. channel set-up
Additional hardware used, e.g., stage motor, incubation chamber and set-up, Piezo stage or objective

Yokogawa CSU X-10 spinning disk unit with Borealis

Nikon Perfect Focus autofocus

Okolab microscope incubator

Prior motorised xy stage

Prior 400 um z-piezo

Andor FRAPPA photomanipulation unit

Andor TuCam dual-camera adaptor

Nikon motorised TIRF unit

Acquisition software and settings Micro-Manager
Camera manufacturer, model 2x Andor iXon Ultra 897, 1x Andor Zyla