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EVOS M5000

The EVOS M5000 is a simple inverted widefield microscope from ThermoFisher Scientific. It's free to use for all CAMDU users and you do not require training. It can image with brightfield, phase contrast, and four fluorescence channels. You can acquire Z-stacks and timelapses but there's no automated XY stage. For the highest quality images use the 20x air objective in position 5 (and adjust the correction collar) or ask CAMDU to insert a 40x NA 1.3 oil objective. The EVOS is networked, so you can export your images using the mapped network drive. There are various stage inserts to hold many different types of slides, dishes, plates, and cell culture flasks.

Further information from the manufacturer here.

Located in MCBB L1.07.

Filter cubes:

  • DAPI (AMEP4950) Ex: 357/44 Em: 447/60
  • Green (AMEP4951) Ex: 482/25 Em: 524/24
  • Red (AMEP4952) Ex: 542/20 Em: 593/40
  • Far-red (AMEP4956) Ex: 635/18 Em: 692/40. Please ask CAMDU to insert the far-red filter cube, it's not available by default. of filters here.