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Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Angelica Anderlini

Angelica Anderlini  Angelica is working on a collaborative project with Vinay Tergaonkar (A*STAR).
ARAP, PhD student

Dr James Jarrold

James Jarrorld James is working on a CRUK funded project on clocks in breast cancer and how to predict them using TimeTeller.

Dr Robert Dallmann

Bob Dallmann

Trained as a circadian biologist and in vivo pharmacologist, my research is focused on the interplay between the intricate internal timing system significantly modulating most physiological processes, and disease and pharmacotherapy. Understanding - on a mechanistic level - how circadian disruption can lead to and influence disease progression and treatment is the main focus. The perspective of his work include to significantly improve already existing treatment options and to aid in the development of new drugs.

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Laura Evers

Laura Evers Laura is completing her 4th year MSc project in Integrated Natural Sciences
iNS, Master Student

Pragya Kumari

Pragya Kumari Pragya is a jointly supervised PhD student with Sadler Group (Chemistry, University of Warwick) working on chronotherapeutic effects of novel metallodrugs.
PhD student

Rachael Ralph

Rachael Ralphs Rachael is an MRC DTP PhD student and co-supervised by Prof Manu Vatish, University of Oxford working on circadian regulation of the blood brain barrier.
MRC DTP, PhD student

Rafael Marchi

Rafael Rafael is a EUTOPIA Fellow, working with Peter Sadler (Chemistry) and Itzok Turel (Ljubljana).
Post-doc, EUTOPIA

Saad Alqarni

Saad works on a collaborative project with Emily Hill and Mark Wall investigating the interplay between clock and neurodegeneration.

PhD student

Soraia Silva

Soraia Silva Sorai is a visiting doctoral student from the University of Coimbra in Portugal and is interested in circadian regulation of SSRI levels in the brain.
PhD student, Visiting Fellow

Sreshtha Nayek

Sreshtha Sreshta works on a project with Peter Sadler (Chemistry) to develop novel organo-metallic complexes.
Chancellor Fellow, PhD student

Storm Shaw

Storm Shaw Storm is an HMS Bachelor thesis student in the group working on an inter-disciplinary project with the polymer group of Seb Perrier.
HMS, Bachelor Student

Vadim Vasilyev

Vadim Vadim is an MRC DTP in IBR PhD student and his project is on the multi-dimensional nature of the circadian clockwork in collaboration with David Rand (Maths).
MRC DTP, PhD student

Zijin Zhang

Zijin Zhang Zijin is a jointly supervised PhD student with Sadler Group

(Chemistry, University of Warwick) working on chronotherapeutic effects of novel metallodrugs.

CSC Scholarship, PhD student

Former Lab Member

PhD students


Project Students

  • Soraia SilvaLink opens in a new window, BSN Visiting PhD student, 2023
  • Felix Bijoy, SSC2 Medical Student, 2022
  • Daniel Fox, SSC2 Medical Student, 2022
  • Aidin Vakhshory-Kohi, SSC2 Medical Student, 2022
  • Luke Reynoldson, MIBTP project student, 2022
  • Rachael Ralphs, MBio student, 2021
  • Korbinian Nierderm├╝ller, Erasmus+ student from W├╝rzburg, Germany, 2020
  • Vadim Vasilyev, MRCDTP, 2020
  • Hannah Morgan, SSC2 Medical Student, 2019
  • Jess Szeto, MRCDTP, 2019
  • Joseph ParkerLink opens in a new window, MIBTP, 2019
  • Vasiliki KafourouLink opens in a new window, MIBTP, 2018
  • Angus Hamilton, SSC2 Medical Student, 2017

Summer Students & Interns

  • Rithvik Shadhanamoorthy, URSS Student, 2023
  • Sam C, Work Experience Student, 2023
  • Ananya V, Work Experience Student, 2022
  • Anne N, In2Science Fellow, 2022
  • Hollie, Work Experience Student, 2022
  • Kritika M., Work Experience Student, 2021
  • Daniel FoxLink opens in a new window, URSS and BSN Summer Student, 2021
  • Inbar K, URSS Student, 2019
  • Rachael Ralphs, QBP Summer Student, 2019
  • Natasha U, Work Experience Student, 2019
  • Rilind B, URSS Student, 2018
  • Suzi M, Work Experience Student, 2018
  • Raveena R, Nuffield Programme Summer Student, 2017
  • Megan L, Work Experience Student, 2016