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WRAP Publications

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Tomás, Ruben M. F., Dallmann, Robert, Congdon, Thomas R. and Gibson, Matthew I. (2024) Cryopreservation of assay-ready hepatocyte monolayers by chemically-induced ice nucleation : preservation of hepatic function and hepatotoxicity screening capabilities. Biomaterials Science, 11 (23). pp. 7639-7654. doi:10.1039/d3bm01046e ISSN 2047-4849.
Shi, Huayun, Ponte, Fortuna, Grewal, Jaspreet S., Clarkson, Guy J., Imberti, Cinzia, Hands-Portman, Ian, Dallmann, Robert, Sicilia, Emilia and Sadler, Peter J. (2024) Tuning the photoactivated anticancer activity of Pt( iv ) compounds via distant ferrocene conjugation. Chemical Science, 15 (11). pp. 4121-4134. doi:10.1039/d3sc03092j ISSN 2041-6520.
Vlachou, Denise, Veretennikova, Maria, Usselmann, Laura Emma Jane, Vasilyev, Vadim, Ott, Sascha, Bjarnason, Georg A., Dallmann, Robert, Lévi, Francis A. and Rand, David A. (2024) TimeTeller : a tool to probe the circadian clock as a multigene dynamical system. PLoS Computational Biology, 20 (2). e1011779. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1011779 ISSN 1553-7358.