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Researcher's Mental Health Day - 19th May 2023

Dragonfly Mental Health seminars

We have invited the charity Dragonfly Mental Health to deliver two seminars open to all researchers at Gibbet Hill campus on Friday 19th May 2023 in GLT3:

The first talk, mental health literacy, will touch-base on mental health related issues in Academia, whereas the second session will focus on imposter syndrome. Both sessions are interactive and there will be facilitated discussions. Please register here. Refreshments will be provided!

Dragonfly Mental Health's mission statement:

"There is a growing mental illness epidemic in higher education where graduate students have 8 times higher rates of severe depression and anxiety, far too often resulting in suicide.

Our team of academic volunteers is combatting this epidemic by delivering evidence-based workshops, programs, and consulting to academic communities around the world. This, in combination with rigorous research and community building efforts, will change the world as we know it by supporting and sustaining the incredible minds and talent ready to make the world a better place.

By tending the mental health of our academics, professionals, and visionaries, their wellbeing will permeate every aspect of our world: science, medicine, law, politics, art, history, film, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, business, government and education."

Pets As Therapy - Therapy Dog Visit 2023

We have arranged for 3 PAT dogs (Barley, Mabel and Banjo Oreo) to visit us from 2-4pm on Friday 19th May 2023 in the CTU atrium. There will be 15 minute slots with limited capacity. Please register here if you would like to attend. We will email a visit timetable out the day before!