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Valuing our Research

Valuing our Research

Here, three sub-themes are described:

Valuing the Research Process - recognises the importance of embedding clear and fair approaches for the way in which research is conducted, supported, recognised and rewarded.

Research Integrity - speaks to the conduct of rigorous and ethical research, essential to the production of high-quality research, and hence research excellence.

Open research - speaks to the importance of research visibility, impact and reach.

The roadmap has been created by the community for the needs of the community. If you wish to provide feedback on this page and the content please do so here.

Research Process

Objective 7: Embrace a holistic view of different roles, contributions and outputs linked to the research endeavour 

Objective 8: Provide a platform to nurture innovation and creativity 


  • Promote a ‘Safe to Fail’ culture that recognises, normalises and embraces ‘failure’ as part of research and the continual improvement process
  • Raise the profile of project management and its contribution to the research process
  • Engage with the WMS community to explore, broaden and establish a shared definition of research excellence which values the diversity of research, who is involved, and how research is delivered

Open Research

Objective 9: To upskill our community in open research practices.  


  • Explore and evolve our Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement interface within research, education and our wider community
  • Provide accessible and inclusive training in the varied components of open research to future-proof our research, enhancing visibility, reach and global impact
  • Establish a network of Open Research champions

Research Integrity

Objective 10: Support and facilitate the conduct of rigorous and ethical research to enhance research quality and trust.


  • Explore opportunities to improve research conduct and reproducibility
  • Establish a network of Research Integrity champions