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Digital Health Care


We focus on digitally-supported pathways for enhanced patient care. Digital tools for the access and delivery of primary care, such as remote consultation, decision support software and digital platforms, are increasingly important to resource-stretched healthcare systems globally. We conduct research that informs the development, promotion and commissioning of such tools, and also a direct impact on patient care and policy via guidance.

Examples of current projects include:

  • Digital Access Now (DAN): survey of patients in general practice about their use of digital services
  • OBOE - Investigating patient use of, and experience of online booking in primary care
  • INQUIRE Online patient feedback: a mixed methods study to understand how to Improve NHS Quality Using Internet Ratings and Experiences
  • The VICO Study - Feasibility, acceptability and nature of video consultation via the internet in general practice


    To learn more about the projects detailed here contact Dr Helen Atherton

    h dot atherton at warwick dot ac dot uk

    024 761 51405