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Digital Access Now (DAN) Survey

Healthcare organisations around the world are interested in how digital technologies can help patients get in touch with their health care teams. In England, different ways of contacting your healthcare team, including telephone, email and online assessment, have been tried. These services are available from the National Health Service and a number of private companies who have developed them for a fee. Little is known about patient awareness of, and interaction with these services.

The survey was sent to 15, 000 patients in the West Midlands. It examined how general practice patients are interacting with internet and online sources for accessing general practice services and information. The survey covered several areas including use of online services and use of alternatives to a face-to-face consultation (e.g., video consultation). The survey also collected data on patient internet use, health status and demographics including ethnicity and level of education.

Funded by

Funding is provided by the NIHR Senior Investigator Award for Professor Martin Underwood, and by the Clinical Research Network West Midlands

Chief Investigator

Helen Atherton

Research team members

Co-investigators: Carol Bryce, Matt O’Connell.

Senior study advisors: Jeremy Dale, Martin Underwood.

Dates – from and to

2019 - 2020

Enquiries: Dr Helen Atherton

h dot atherton at warwick dot ac dot uk