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Digital interventions for cardiometabolic disease in South Asians- a case study for opportunities, risks and inequalities in digital health

The NHS needs to use digital technologies, such as apps and websites, to help deliver healthcare. This can help some people, but others may be disadvantaged. It is possible that delivering healthcare using digital health interventions, could widen current health inequalities. One group that may be disadvantaged by digital health is South Asian people.

Our three-year project focuses on digital health interventions for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. South Asians are particularly likely to develop cardiovascular disease and diabetes, so it is especially important that interventions aimed at treatment or prevention of these illnesses are suitable for these individuals, and lessons learned are likely to be relevant to other populations.

We will see if people of South Asian backgrounds use digital health interventions for cardiovascular disease or diabetes differently to the majority population, and if they do, try to find out why that is the case, and what can be done to reduce differences.

Funded by:

NIHR Policy Research Programme

Research team members:

Professor Paramjit Gill 


UCL (Lead), University of Leicester 


June 2021 – July 2023


Prof Paramjit Gill

p dot gill dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk