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ICOH - The impact and implications of Covid-19 on the relational, social, and healthcare experiences of hospice care in the West Midlands

Following the countrywide lockdown in March 2020 hospices had to rapidly change the way they worked, how they cared for patients, and how they supported families. However, little is known about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected hospice service provision, nor their impact on the lived experiences of receiving or providing hospice care during the pandemic. The aim of the study is to identify nationally relevant recommendations to mitigate the uneven relational, social and healthcare impacts of Covid-19 upon hospice services for vulnerable service users and those that care for them.

This mixed-methods study uses two data collection methods: the collection of already existing quantitative and qualitative data and outputs created by the hospices in response to the pandemic (grey evidence); and, interviews with patients, carers, hospice staff, and with those responsible for hospice service design and provision.

We will use a transdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, collaborative approach to synthesise and interpret the evidence. We will work with Marie Curie, as well as local and national stakeholders, to develop a series of reports to provide insight and understanding into changes that have taken place, as well as provide recommendations for local and national policy and practice. These reports will be issued throughout the project, to hospice service users, stakeholders, political leaders and civil society groups.

If you would like to learn more about the study findings please contact Dr John MacArtney john dot macartney at warwick dot ac dot uk

A page containing details of study papers, reports and outputs can be found here.Link opens in a new window

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Research team members

Chief Investigator: Dr John I MacArtney, University of Warwick

Co-Investigators: Professor Jeremy Dale, University of Warwick, Professor Kathryn Almack, University of Hertfordshire, Dr Catriona Rachel Mayland, University of Sheffield, Dr Sarah Mitchell, University of Sheffield

Senior Research Fellow: Dr Joanna Fleming, University of Warwick

Research Fellow: Dr Abi Eccles, University of Warwick

Research Associate: Dr Catherine Grimley, University of Warwick

Research Associate: Eleanor Watson, University of Warwick

PPI Input: Lynn Tatnell, Lesley Roberts


Marie Curie


24 March 2021 – 31 May 2022