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A patient survey and stakeholder workshop exploring the General Practice Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (GP CPCS)

The aim of the General Practice Community Pharmacist Consultation Service is for patients to have consultations in their community pharmacy for a range of minor illnesses to free up GP appointments for patients with serious conditions or more complex problems. To date, no independent research has been conducted on the GP CPCS.

Therefore, our aim is to explore the experiences and views of patients across England who have been referred to the GP CPCS and to develop recommendations on how the GP CPCS could be further improved.

We are working with different CRNs to recruit General Practices across different parts of England. General Practices will send out our online survey to eligible patients who have been referred to GP CPCS.

The study findings will inform future grant or fellowship applications on the evaluation of the CPCS scheme and other pharmacy research.

Funded by

The study is funded by a combination of the NIHR Senior Investigator Award (Prof Paramjit Gill) and the NIHR Clinical Research Network Chief Investigator Development Fund

Research team members

Dr Julia Gauly; Dr Helen Atherton; Prof Jeremy Dale; Prof Paramjit Gill; Dr Catherine Grimley; Theresa Day 


CRNs across different parts of England


April 2022 - June 2023


Dr Julia Gauly

Julia dot Gauly at warwick dot ac dot uk