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GP-MATE Film and Co-production

Patient Experience Film

Trigger film = An edited ½ hour video of around ten patient/carer real-life experiences of care

The film is a key part of our co-production process. For this, we talked to older people and carers of older people who had recently been discharged from hospital. They described their experiences of the care they received from their general practice team after they were discharged from hospital. We then edited the interviews into a ‘trigger film.’

You can see our Patient Experience Film by clicking here.


Co-production = Patients, carers, healthcare staff and researchers working together to produce something of benefit to all concerned

The research team worked with both older people/carers and healthcare staff to build GP-MATE. Three meetings were held with three groups of older people and carers, with a total of 19 participants taking part.

Meeting One

We watched the trigger film and discussed what’s important in post-discharge care. We talked about problems participants had experienced/anticipate in communication with their GP practices.

Meeting Two

We discussed the changes that GP-MATE will bring about and how it will achieve this change. We looked at formats created by the research team based on materials from the meeting 1 and scientific literature.

Meeting Three

We reviewed our previous findings and those of a healthcare staff workshop and decided the final version of GP-MATE