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Testing GP-MATE

This page is for members of the public who may be taking part in GP-MATE. If your practice is taking part in GP-MATE, you’ll see a poster advertising this in the practice waiting room. You can also ask at reception if you’d like to know more about whether your practice is involved.

Now that we have made GP-MATE, we want to know if it helps older patients get the best care after discharge from hospital. To do this, we’ll be collecting information from the clinical records of patients aged 65 or over who have recently been discharged from hospital. You can see how we do this in more detail in the flow map below.

Flow map – how we’ll be collecting data from clinical records to help test GP-MATE

If you would prefer not to take part in this stage of GP-MATE, please click here to find your opting out options.

If you’d like more information on being involved in different parts of this stage, please click on the links below to read our information leaflets.

Participant Information Leaflet; Patient Participants in Quantitative Data Collection (PQDC)

Participant Information Leaflet; Patient/carer Interview (IPC)