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Medication support interventions and strategies for people with learning disabilities - a mixed methods evidence synthesis

People with learning disability often have health conditions that mean they need to take medication. Sometimes they may take too little or too much medication, take it at the wrong time, or take medication that is no longer needed because of issues related to their disability, lack of support or other factors. It is important to understand what works best to help them use medication to improve their health. Guidelines exist but they are often too general or focused on specific health professionals (e.g., psychiatrists).

Our project will find out the best ways to help people with learning disability, who may be supported by carers, ensure that they take the right medication in a way that benefits them most. We will do this by carefully reviewing literature about the experience of people with learning disability in taking medication and different ways to improve this experience. We will work closely with people with learning disability and people supporting them when doing our review.

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Research team members

Yen-Fu Chen (PI), Samantha Flynn, Anna Brown, Peter Auguste, Kate Seers, Paramjit Gill, Peter Langdon, Eddie Chaplin, Samuel Tromans


PPIE: Danielle Adams, David Mahon, Christine Burke 

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Prof Paramjit Gill