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User Group Members

"User Group AnneMy name is Anne and I am a public contributor to research at Warwick University. This means I take part in meetings with researchers and their studies to provide a lay person’s perspective and my own experiences and skills to support successful studies and improved care for patients.

"I started on this journey seven years ago and have valued every moment, challenge and decision that I was involved in. Researchers and research need our perspective; it adds an important dimension to their work and their own understanding of what’s important to patients and the public. From reading a patient information summary to being part of a steering committee, there is a role for us all if we want to help our health and care services and systems be the best they can be for as many people as possible.

"Become part of this community and find out more and add more to your community!"

Hear more from Anne here. And you can learn more about Anne and what motivates her contribution to be a Research Champion.

"My name is David and I have been involved with the NHS for some 15+ years:David User Group

"My introduction to patient research involvement started by joining a patient involvement group based at the Redwoods Centre, Shrewsbury. This I attended monthly until it was disbanded in 2016.

"I then was invited to join Tim Lewington’s, Research and Development group at Stafford. We co-chaired a group called PACE-R Patient and carer experience – research. We have worked on a wide range of issues in the 5yrs. since its founding. This has included undertaking a Research Project “Lost in Space” for ‘Healthwatch, Shropshire’. This project looked at the needs and existing quality of Mental Health patients in rural Shropshire. The PACE-R group is now under the leadership of Jessica Tunmore. I designed a promotional leaflet and posters for the group 2 years running.

"Last year I was invited to join the West Midlands team of NIHR Public ‘Research Champions’. We recently, held our first ’Virtual Forum’.

"I was invited to attend research-oriented meetings in London, with specific relationship to the creation of standard criteria and format for all NHS research report documentation.

"I attended a design related meeting for the new CTG (Closing the Gap) group at York. Subsequently I took part in a CTG presentation day at Stafford, (Mental Health Summer Symposium) taking part in a discussion group of Patients and Carers. (this meeting used ‘Zoom’ to broadcast the proceedings on You Tube.)

"Recently I completed an 18 month research project for Kings College London. I am currently taking part in the governments’ COVID19 fortnightly questionnaires. This to assess how SMI’s are coping with ‘Home Isolation’.

"As a member of ‘Bi-Polar UK’ I took part in their National Survey. This was looking at how the present Pandemic has affected their members (16,000 took part!) They have recently published an interim report, available online."

Pam User Group

"Hi there, I’m Pam. My interest in Patient Public Involvement developed after I had a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and then a rather rocky road to recovery. So once treatment had ended my mission was to try and make that journey a little smoother for those who had to walk it behind me.

"First off, I got involved with the hospital’s Cancer Forum. Now for my sins, I volunteer with the West Midlands Clinical Research Network - as a cancer rep and with the Cicely Saunders Institute down in London as a Palliative Care Rep, plus a few other things too...In between times, I work for myself, enjoy gardening, am an active member of my local WI (Women’s Institute) and a grandmother of four little ones under five and a 6ft 4in seventeen year old grandson - none of whom I expected to see, let alone be involved with. If I can do it you can too, just give it a try, but be warned you may get hooked!"