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Pharmacy-Based Sexual Health Services in the UK

I joined the Unit of Academic Primary Care as doctoral researcher in October 2017. The aim of my PhD, which I completed in November 2020, was to develop recommendations for the optimisation of pharmacy-based sexual and reproductive health services. The project was funded by Umbrella, which is part of the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

As part of my PhD, I conducted a systematic review which summarised what is known about staff and users’ experiences of pharmacy-based sexual and reproductive health services. I further conducted a quantitative retrospective study to analyse the utilisation of a large range of pharmacy-based sexual and reproductive health services, which are delivered through Umbrella across more than 120 pharmacies. Informed by these two studies, I then conducted a qualitative interview study, in which I interviewed pharmacists, pharmacy healthcare assistants and pharmacy users about their experiences of delivering or being delivered with a sexual and reproductive health services at a pharmacy. I then integrated the findings of all three linked studies to develop recommendations for practice, policymakers and researchers.

I have a keen interest in improving health services delivery and am continuing to my research on pharmacy-based services related to contraception and sexually transmitted infections as part of the Early Career Fellowship at Warwick University, I am now further working at disseminating my research.

Funded by

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

PhD Student

Julia Gauly


Dr Helen Atherton (Warwick Medical School); Prof Jonathan Ross (University Hospitals Birmingham)


Two students from Warwick Medical School, Isobel Hall and Irekanmi Soda, were involved in the systematic review on pharmacy-based sexual health services


From October 2017 to October 2020

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Gauly J, Ross J, Hall I, et al
Pharmacy-based sexual health services: a systematic review of experiences and attitudes of pharmacy users and pharmacy staff