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Pregnant women’s perceptions and acceptance of vaccinations during the Covid-19 pandemic: a qualitative study

This study aimed to find out how pregnant women feel about vaccination during pregnancy, including the Covid-19 vaccination and vaccinations routinely offered in pregnancy. We also wanted to find out what midwives think pregnant women feel about having vaccinations in pregnancy, and some of the experiences they have had when offering vaccinations.

We spoke to 43 pregnant women and 16 midwives about how they felt about vaccinations in pregnancy. We explored what factors affect the decisions to accept vaccinations during pregnancy, and what barriers and challenges might influence these decisions.

Pregnant women told us about things that influence whether they would have vaccinations in pregnancy. This included: thoughts and beliefs they hold about both illness and vaccinations, other factors such as views of wider society and ways that Covid-19 has changed their feelings about vaccinations.

Midwives told us about what they felt influenced pregnant women's vaccination decisions. These included: how convenient it was to get the vaccinations, what recommendations about vaccinations included and how the recommendations were made, the importance of up-to-date information for midwives and the problems that confusing or conflicting messages about vaccinations causes.

We will publish findings in academic journals. We will develop information sheets and learning materials to support healthcare professionals in making changes to how information about vaccinations are offered to pregnant women. A one-page factsheet will be made for participants and pregnant women to summarise the findings of the study. Findings of the interviews with pregnant women can be found on the Healthtalk website:

Funded by

NIHR Research for Patient Benefit

Research team members

Dr Jo Parsons; Assistant Professor, Division of Health Sciences, WMS

Dr Cath Grimley, Research Fellow, Unit of Academic Primary Care, WMS

Dr Helen Atherton; Associate Professor of Primary Care Research & Deputy Head of Unit, Unit of Academic Primary Care, WMS

Dr Sarah Hillman; NIHR Clinical Lecturer Primary Care, University of Warwick.

Professor Debra Bick, Professor of Clinical Trials in Maternal Health, Warwick Clinical Trials Unit.

Louise Clarke; Consultant midwife, UHCW

Dawn Beckett; lay co-applicant


January 2023- January 2024



Dr Jo Parsons

jo dot parsons at warwick dot ac dot uk