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The Olivetti Prospective Heart Study

Olivetti Heart Study Official Website


The Olivetti Heart Study is an occupational based surveillance study on the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in male workers, aged 20-65 years, in southern Italy.

The study started in 1976-77 with the first cross-sectional survey of approximately 1,600 men. Since then regular surveys have been carried out (1981-2; 1987-8; 1994-5; 2001-2; 2005). At each survey new measurements have been introduced with substantial sub-groups being selected for more sophisticated phenotypes such as lithium clearance, sodium-lithium countertransport, history of kidney stones, central adiposity.

A DNA bank is also available. Prospective data is available on a core cohort of approximately 1,000 men seen on several occasions throughout the 17 years of the study.

Steering Committee
  • F P Cappuccio (Coventry, GB)
  • E Farinaro (Naples, I)
  • A Siani (Avellino, I)
  • P Strazzullo, Chair (Naples, I)
  • M Trevisan (New York, USA)
  • Ministry of Education of the Italian Government
  • M.U.R.S.T.
  • C.O.FI.N.

In progress