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Current projects

Take a look at our full list of past and ongoing projects - Projects by end date


EURIPIDES aims to understand which of the many different approaches to collecting and using patient experience data are the most useful for supporting improvements in inpatient mental health care.


The MILESTONE Project aims to understand and improve transition of care from CAMHS (Child) to AMHS (Adult Mental Health Services) across different healthcare systems in Europe.


The Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The Cerebra Network is a unique academic team that truly integrates knowledge, expertise and resources across four leading institutions to deliver greater insights into children with rare and complex syndromes.

The Checklist Project

The Checklist Project aims to develop a checklist for parents and clinicians to use collaboratively, to help identify the causes of behaviours that challenge in children with a moderate-profound intellectual disability.


(One-to-one Peer support for family members and friends (carers) of patients treated under the mentAL health act)

A Research programme that aims to adapt a one-to-one carer peer support programme for delivery in England


The TRANSFORM project aims to improve access to care and outcomes of Serious Mental Disorders in slums. We have study sites in Bangladesh and Nigeria.