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The Average Human

New PRESS RELEASE - The Average Human

Summary of the Project
The Average Human is a multi-sensory installation taking science directly to a busy city centre cinema and exhibition complex. Visitors go on a journey of discovery into the daily nutrition, sleep and exercise habits of the average Britain. At its heart is an interactive exhibition including five multi-sensory zones that create a vibrant hub for lively engagement into cutting edge biomedical science, exploring unexpected links between our everyday habits and wellbeing.
For example, our health and science explorers will:
  • Push food through a giant mouth, along the gut and into a toilet, whilst exploring pioneering science on nutrition and metabolism (including work by Professor Cappuccio's WHO Collaborating Centre and Dr Barber of University of Warwick).
  • Learn yoga whilst discovering Dr Liu-Ambrose’s research from the University of British Columbia on links between different exercise and brain function.
  • Explore an interactive bedroom focusing on research from Professor Cappuccio of the Sleep, Health & Society Programme at the University of Warwick on how sleep links to diabetes, dementia and heart disease.
Animations and films will be woven into the exhibition to bring the science to life. They will be shown in the cinema before mainstream films.
Light House’s café will host ‘Science Meets Cookery’ workshops. Visitors learn how to make healthy, tasty food
and understand the biomedical science behind advice on healthy eating.
The project will be led by Nerina Villa, Richard Kilroy and Kelly Jeffs (CEO Light House) in collaboration with
Professor Cappuccio of University of Warwick and Head of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for
Nutrition, Dr Thomas Barber of Warwick Medical School and Dr Liu-Ambrose of the University of British

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The Science Exhibition at The Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton called The Average Human”, opens on the14th July and will remain open until the 29th August. The exhibition is the result of a collaborative work between The Light House and academics from Warwick funded by The Wellcome Trust. The exhibition includes research on sleep and diet from our group.

The exhibition is free and ideal for children and young adults as well as any other member of the lay public. It is a combination of different communication media, from interviews to films to cartoons and other creative ways of conveying complex science messages to a lay audience.


Light House Media Centre, Chubb Building, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT



Sleep in different populations and historically

How much sleep do we need?

Sleep, age and gender

Danger of the lack of sleep

Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and lack of sleep

Sleeping over 9 hours a night

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Light House Media Centre

University of Warwick (WMS)

University of British Columbia (Canada)


Nerina Villa (PI)(Light House)

Richard Kilroy (Light House)

Kelly Jeffs (Light House)

Science Advisors

Francesco P Cappuccio (WMS)

Thomas Barber (WMS)

T Liu-Ambrose (BC)

Bafta Nominated Animator

Sandra Salter


Wellcome Trust Logo

People Award


10 months