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Ethics of Decision Making in Clinical Practice

Health care professionals make ethical as well as clinical judgments in their day to day work, some of which may have life changing consequences for patients and their families but many have more subtle effects on patient care. These decisions are often made in the context of limited information and uncertainty about outcomes. How these decisions are made, and how patients’ values are taken into account and clinicians’ values acknowledged and made explicit, is not always clear and there may be substantial variability among clinicians in how they make these decisions. Our work on ethics of decision making in clinical practice seeks to explore these decision making processes and to develop support for clinicians to make transparent ethically justified decisions with and for their patients.

Current projects
Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment into primary care and its impact on patient treatment and care (ReSPECT)

Past projects

Understanding and improving the decision making process around referral and admission to intensive care. 2015-2018 Funder NIHR HS&DR programme