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Long Term Conditions

We explore the experience of living with long term conditions, how the experience shapes and is shaped by the social world, how it changes over time and with treatment. Often we undertake this research as one part of a multi-disciplinary programme of research.

Current research includes:

NIHR Health Service and Delivery Research programme (14/156/20). Evaluating the Use of Patient Experience Data to Improve the Quality of Inpatient Mental Health Care.

Weich, S., Griffiths, F., Bhui, K., Staniszewska S., Crepaz-Keay D., Madan J., Larkin M. Newton E. Ade-Odunlade P. Start date 1st Jan 2016; End date 31st August 2018. £719,525

NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research: RP-PG-1212-20018 – Chronic Headache Education and Self-management Study (CHESS).

PI Underwood M, Co-apps: Ellard D, Carnes D, Elrington G,Sandhu H, Haywood K, Matharu M, Wan Hee S, Hamilton-Colclough J, Thomas W, Bright M, Griffiths F, Eldridge S, Petrou S, Taylor S, Pincus T. £1,999,067 Start date 5th Jan 2015; End date 4th Jan 2020

NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research: Better Outcomes for Older people with Spinal Trouble (BOOST)

PI: Lamb S. Co-apps: Williamson E, Bruce J, Barker K, Fitch J, Hutchinson C, Mallen C, Altman D, Fairbank J, Arden N, Petrou S, Colins G, Hanson Z, French D, Griffiths F. Total resource: £1,999,934.00 (first 2.5 years confirmed). Start date 1.4.2015; End date 31.3.2020

Selected Publications:

Chondros, P, Davidson S, Wolfe R, Gilchrist G, Dowrick C, Griffiths F, Hegarty K, Herrman H, Gunn 2018 Development of a prognostic model for predicting depression severity in adult primary patients with depressive symptoms using the diamond longitudinal study. Journal of Affective Disorders, Volume 227, February 2018, Pages 854-860,

Nichols VP, Ellard DR, Griffiths FE, Kamal A, Underwood M, Taylor SJC. 2017 The lived experience of chronic headache: a systematic review and synthesis of the qualitative literature.

Boardman, F., Young, P., Griffiths, F. 2017. Impairment Experiences, Identity and Attitudes Towards Genetic Screening: The Views of People With Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Journal of Genetic Counseling, 27 (1): 69-84.

Boardman, F., Young, P., Warren, O., Griffiths, F. 2017. The Role of Experiential Knowledge in Attitudes Towards Genetic Screening: The Views of People Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the General Population, Health Expectations, 21 (1):201-211.

Staniszewska, S., Boardman, F., Gunn, L., Roberts, J., Clay, D., Seers, K., Brett, J., Avital, L., Bullock, I. & O’ Flynn, N. 2014. Developing the Warwick Patient Experiences Framework (WaPEF): Utilising patient-based evidence to shape clinical guidelines International Journal for Quality in Healthcare 26(2), 151-157.

Lyle S, Williamson E, Darton F, Griffiths F, Lamb S. 2016 A qualitative study of older people’s experience of living with neurogenic claudication to inform the development of a physiotherapy intervention. Disability and Rehabilitation. Pages 1-9, received 08 Sep 2015, accepted 08 Apr 2016, published online: 23 May 2016,

Karasouli E, Munday D, Bailey C, Staniszewska S, Hewison A, Griffiths F. 2016 Qualitative critical incident study of patients’ experiences leading to emergency hospital admission with advanced respiratory illness. BMJ Open;6:2 e009030 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-009030

Boardman, F., Griffiths, F., Kokanovic, R., Potiriadis, M., Dowrick, C. and J. Gunn.2011. Stigma and Responses to Depression: A Mixed Methods Analysis, Journal of Affective Disorders, 135 (1) pp. 267-276.

Griffiths, F., Lowe, P., Boardman, F. Ayre, C. and R. Gadsby. 2008. Becoming Pregnant: Exploring the Perspectives of Women living with Diabetes, British Journal of General Practice, 58 (548) pp. 184-190.