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Methodological and ethical issues associated with health-related quality of life measurement in clinical trials

Investigators: Professor Mel Calvert, Dr Derek Kyte, Professor Heather Draper, Dr Jonathon Ives and others

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) enable researchers to assess the impact of interventions on the quality of patients’ lives. Properly collected and reported, they ought to help to inform doctors and patients in the future. The administration of PROs questionnaires in clinical trials raises ethical issues in relation to the choice and size of the questionnaires, how they are completed, when they are completed, and whether identifiable information collected as part of a clinical trial should be monitored as part of patient care and especially for ‘PRO alerts’ (indication that the patient’s quality of life has become extremely poor).

Professor Mel Calvert directs the Centre for Patient Reported Outcome Measures.


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