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Working Title: Intervening through general practice to prevent the detrimental effects of bullying in childhood



Bullying is a very serious issue that affects lots of young people around the world. It can lead to effects on health and may mean we need to visit the doctor more often. At Warwick University we are trying to find out if young people think it would help if doctors more often asked about bullying when you see them, and could offer advice on how to prevent its harmful effects. We aim to improve how GPs are trained to recognise and advise on this. To help us in our research we are asking for input from children and young people who have been bullied in any way. We want to know your views. If you have a spare minute or two please could you answer the five questions below.

If you have experienced or are currently being bullied and need further help, the organisations shown below can provide information and support. Just click on the logos which will take you to websites that can help!

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.