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Meet The Expert Review Panel

The Imagining Futures project has a dedicated expert review panel made up of people living with different types of SMA and with different relationships with the condition. The panel meets approximately twice a year to bring their expertise and advise on the Imagining Futures project from the perspective of families living with SMA.

The first meeting of the panel took place on October 30 2013 in central London and is due to meet again in the Spring 2014 in Birmingham. You can find a summary of the first expert review panel meeting in the Imagining Futures blog. For more information about what the expert review panel does, or to request to join the panel, please go to the Get Involved with Imagining Futures page.

Below you will find information about who is currently sitting on the Imagining Futures Expert Review Panel and their relationship to SMA.

+ Steven Jones

+ Georgia Tallis


+ Rute Robalo

+ Magda Sereda


+ Sheonad Macfarlane

+ Karen Sloan

+ Kelvin Wortley

+ Jane Smith