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iDNAKnowing: Transforming I:DNA into an interactive experience

iDNAKnowing takes you on a journey to explore whether knowledge really is power. You can try iDNAKnowing yourself by clicking here.

idnaknowing check-in visual

Picking up the themes of I:DNA, iDNAKnowing is an online interactive storytelling experience that compliments the I:DNA Installation.

idnaknowing visual inside the game

IDNAKnowing was created by visual artist Esther Appleyard-Fox, who teamed up with BRiGHTBLaCK to create this experience,

"Step into a futuristic world and in the process of “checking-in” you will be routinely scanned to decipher your genetic profile. iDNAKnowing will take you on your journey to question whether knowledge really is power. As the checking in system malfunctions, you will hear alternative real-life experiences of what it is really like to live with a genetic condition."

Esther previously worked with Felicity on the installation Pandora's Box