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News and Events

Below you will find the latest news on the research project, as well as on genetic screening and Spinal Muscular Atrophy more broadly. You will also find information on upcoming events and articles interest:

November 2013

26/11/13 Felicity has published a commentary in 'bionews' (the publication of the Progress Educational Trust) on screening dilemmas. You can read it here.

18/11/13 The first expert review panel for parents of children with Down's Syndrome was held last week which resulted in a fascinating discussion around both SMA and Down's Syndrome screening.

06/11/13 A UK based private genetic company, This Is My, is now offering carrier screening for SMA

October 2013

30/10/13 The first expert review panel for Imagining Futures was held in London today, updates to follow!

03/10/13 Interested in the ethical implications of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis? Come to the British Library next week!

03/10/13 Genomics England are hosting a series of engagement events. Get involved to find out more about the Genomics England Project click here.

September 2013

16/09/13 Interviews for the Imagining Futures Project are well underway- thank you to everyone who has agreed to participate!

August 2013

08/08/13 'Disabled people understand risk in a very different way' fascinating discussion around the availability of fertility treatments for disabled people on radio 4 that links in with the debates on screening. Listen online here

01/08/13 August is SMA Awareness month, and there are plenty of fund raising and awareness raising activities going on up and down the country! See the Jennifer Trust Website to see what's going on near you!

July 2013

31/07/13 If you participated in an interview with Felicity in 2008/9, please get in touch if you are interested in being re-interviewed!

30/07/13 Interesting discussion on screening and disabled people from a couple of years ago on Radio 4's 'Inside the Ethics Commitee'. Should a genetic disability stop you accessing fertility treatment? Alice Maynard, who is on the panel, has SMA herself.

24/07/13 Interviews have begun for the Imagining Futures project!

15/07/13 Imagining Futures call for participants for the expert review panel has been launched! please see the 'getting involved' page, or see the Jennifer Trust's requests page if you are interested.

04/07/13 Imagining Futures joins Facebook

03/07/13 'Genetic Garden' opens at University of Dundee


June 2013

Imagining Futures joins Twitter


May 2013

UK National Screening Commitee launces national consultation on carrier screening for SMA