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LYNC Study Publications


  • Sturt, J; Huxley, C; Ajana, B; Gainty, C; Gibbons, C; Graham, T; Khadjesari, Za; Lucivero, F; Rogers, R; Smol, A; Anstey Watkins, J; Griffiths, F. (2019). How does the use of digital consulting change the meaning of being a patient and/or a health professional? (Digital Health under review)


  • Ignatowicz, Agnieszka, Slowther, Anne, Elder, Patrick, Bryce, Carol, Hamilton, Kathryn, Huxley, Caroline J., Forjaz, Vera, Sturt, Jackie, Griffiths, Frances. 2018. Ethical implications of digital communication for the patient-clinician relationship : analysis of interviews with clinicians and young adults with long term conditions (the LYNC study). BMC Medical Ethics, 19 (1), View



  • Ignatowicz, Agnieszka, Atherton, Helen C., Bernstein, Celia J., Bryce, Carol, Court, Rachel A., Sturt, Jackie, Griffiths, Frances. 2019. Internet videoconferencing for patient-clinician consultations in long-term conditions : a review of reviews and applications in line with guidelines and recommendations. Digital Health, 5, View



  • Kim SW, Madan J, Dritsaki M, Bryce C, Forjaz V, Fraser J, Griffiths F, Hamilton K, Huxley C, Sturt J. Benefits and Costs of Digital Consulting in Clinics Serving Young People With Long-Term Conditions: Mixed-Methods Approach JMIR Med Inform 2018;6(4):e48. DOI: 10.2196/medinform.9577.


  • Griffiths, Frances, Armoiry, Xavier, Atherton, Helen C., Bryce, Carol, Buckle, Abigail, Cave, Jonathan A. K., Court, Rachel A., Hamilton, Kathryn, Dliwayo, Thandiwe Rebecca, Dritsaki, Melina, Elder, Patrick, Forjaz, Vera, Fraser, Joe, Goodwin, Richard, Huxley, Caroline J., Ignatowicz, Agnieszka, Karasouli, Eleni, Kim, Sung Wook, Kimani, Peter K., Madan, Jason, Matharu, Harjit, May, Mike, Musumadi, Luhanga, Paul, Moli, Raut, Gyanu, Sankaranarayanan, Sailesh, Slowther, Anne, Sujan, Mark-Alexander, Sutcliffe, P. (Paul), Svahnstrom, Isabelle, Taggart, Frances M., Uddin, Ayesha, Verran, Alice, Walker, Leigh, Sturt, Jackie. 2018. The role of digital communication in patient-clinician communication for NHS providers of specialist clinical services for young people (The LYNC study) : a mixed methods study. Health Services and Delivery Research, 6 (9), View



  • Griffiths F, Bryce C, Cave J, Dritsaki M, Fraser J, Hamilton K, Huxley C, Ignatowicz A, Kim SW, Kimani PK, Madan J, Slowther AM, Sujan M, Sturt J. Timely Digital Patient-Clinician Communication in Specialist Clinical Services for Young People: A Mixed-Methods Study (The LYNC Study). J Med Internet Res 2017;19(4):e102. View



  • Sturt J, Dliwayo TR, Forjaz V, Hamilton K, Bryce C, Fraser J, Griffiths F. Eliciting the Impact of Digital Consulting for Young People Living With Long-Term Conditions (LYNC Study): Cognitive Interviews to Assess the Face and Content Validity of Two Patient-Reported Outcome Measures. J Med Internet Res 2018;20(10):e268 DOI: 10.2196/jmir.9786.


  • Armoiry, Xavier, Sturt, Jackie, Phelps, Emma Elizabeth, Walker, Clare, Court, Rachel A., Taggart, Frances M., Sutcliffe, P. (Paul), Griffiths, Frances, Atherton, Helen C. 2018. Digital clinical communication for families and caregivers of children or young people with short- or long-term conditions : rapid review. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 20 (1), View



  • Verran, Alice, Uddin, Ayesha, Court, Rachel A., Taggart, Frances M., Sutcliffe, P. (Paul), Sturt, Jackie, Griffiths, Frances, Atherton, Helen C. 2018. Effectiveness and impact of networked communication interventions in young people with mental health conditions : a rapid review. Digital Health, 4, View



  • Griffiths, F. E., Atherton, H., Barker, J. R., Cave, J. A., Dennick, K., Dowdall, P., Sturt, J. (2015). Improving health outcomes for young people with long term conditions: The role of digital communication in current and future patient–clinician communication for NHS providers of specialist clinical services for young people – LYNC study protocol. Digital Health.



Prelim findings update, Kings Fund