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Prostate cancer health needs assessment review for framework and care plan development in UK Strategic Clinical Networks

Prostate Cancer UK is currently involved in a major international ($35 million) project funded by the Movember Foundation. The aim of this project is to use digital technology in innovative strategies to bring about improvements in the lives of men living with and beyond prostate cancer.

In February 2013 initial plans were made by a group of academics, clinicians and men with prostate cancer regarding priorities and projects to be undertaken in the UK. The development of an online, composite, adaptive holistic needs assessment (HNA) tool was seen as having a potentially important role in ensuring that men’s concerns were identified and addressed at all stages of the pathway of care. While it was recognised that HNA tools had been introduced in some NHS trusts for some patients, it was agreed that there was a lack of reliable information regarding the tools in use, the extent to which they were used and the barriers to their use. It was thus agreed by Prostate Cancer UK that, prior to the development of the new online HNA tool, a survey of the use of HNA tools in clinical practice should be undertaken by a team from Warwick Medical School, alongside a scoping review of HNA tools.

The survey was undertaken in September 2013 and a report submitted to Prostate Cancer UK in October 2013. The report is available from Prostate Cancer UK.

Dr Veronica Nanton (Principal Investigator)