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The Human Metabolism Research Unit has purpose built facilities designed specifically for the measurement of energy expenditure and body composition. The HMRU aims to provide fundamental understanding of the nature of metabolism and metabolic disorders, and enables research to uncover new relationships between diet composition, life-style and long-term health in the population at large.

To facilitate metabolic research the HMRU houses a range of state of the art equipment (e.g. Whole Body Calorimeters, Body composition analysis, breath-by-breath metabolic) - details of which can be found above.

In addition the HMRU contains all the necessary facilities fundamental to any biochemical or physiological study.

Sample collection and analysis 

A dedicated sample centrifuge is available within the area next to the WBC with space for sample preparation, short term freezer storage at -20 Celsius and established links with UHCW NHS Trust Human Tissue Bank storage -80 Celsius freezers.

Any samples may be sent off-site for analysis or analysed through the UHCW NHS Trust pathology laboratories. More research focused tissue or blood analysis can be conducted in the associated Clinical Science Building, a joint venture between UHCW NHS Trust and the University of Warwick Medical School.

Physiological measurement

SECA scales for accurately measuring weight and height. Equipment for blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose monitoring; body temperature tympanics and infrared skin temperature.

Sleep monitoring equipment

Alice PDX sleepware for overnight use measuring SPO2, airflow, position.

Through close collaborations with Medical Physics at UHCW NHS Trust and the science departments at the University of Warwick, additional measurement equipment can be available for research projects (e.g. infrared cameras, GCMS, etc).

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