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Body Composition

The Human Metabolism Research Unit has a number of facilities for testing body composition.

If you are interested in using any of these facilities, please visit the BODpod microsite to book an appointment or email HMRU at uhcw dot nhs dot uk

Air Displacement Plesmography

The BOD POD is one of the newer forms of body composition testing which uses the concept of hydrostatic weighing (underwater weighing). Instead of using water to measure body volume the BOD POD uses air displacement. Measurements take approximately five to eight minutes per individual. It is a very safe, accurate and convenient method of testing.

Research volunteers using the Calorimeter rooms are first measured in the BODpod. Please read the BOD POD Information Leaflet (PDF Document) for the preparation and use of the BODpod.

The BOD POD is able to give an accurate estimation of body density, lean body mass and fat percentage with an estimated maximum 2% test to test variation under controlled conditions.

A commercial service is now available for non-research individuals wishing to access the Bodpod facility.

Bioelectrical Impedence

The HMRU also has equipment capable of measuring body composition via bioelectrical impedence. A Tanita TBF 410 and an InBody 720 are able to estimate body composition in under two minutes.

BOD Pod 


Tanita TBF-410