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Dr Clare Blackburn

Job Title
Associate Professor
WMS - Health Sciences
+44(0)24 7652 4132
Research Interests

My research focuses on socio-economic inequality, socio-demographic factors and health and disability. It draws on neo-materialist and disability studies theories to consider the effect of structural factors on health and health behaviour, and the social, political and cultural factors that create and define disability and responses to it. My work has strong policy and practice foci through its concern with the application of knowledge to change health policy and clinical practice. Much of my work has focused on the social patterning of health and health behaviour, particularly in households with children. Since 2006 I have developed a programme of work on childhood disability: the methodological issues associated with estimating the prevalence of childhood disability; the social circumstances of disabled children and their families; the predictors of child and parental disability and the temporal ordering of social disadvantage and disability outcomes. Recent studies include: secondary analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal data sets to examine the relationship and social patterning of childhood longstanding illness/disability with socio-economic circumstances; development of a national indicator and survey on services for disabled children; evaluation of a national pilot on childcare for disabled children. My current grant, from the ESRC is examining the association between chronic disabling conditions in childhood and social disadvantage. This study encompasses a systematic review and secondary analyses of census data and the UK ONS longitudinal study to identify the predictors and temporal ordering of the association between exposure to social disadvantage in early childhood with later onset of chronic disabling conditions.


I came to Warwick after a clinical career in nursing and health visiting to pursue research interests in the field the social patterning of health and health behaviour. I have worked on a number of studies including: promoting health in poverty; the social patterning of smoking behaviour in households with young children and children's exposure to cigarette smoke; adult and child caring; childhood disability. I teach in Warwick Medical School on the undergraduate medical education programme and on a number of masters level courses in the School of Health and Social Studies and Warwick Medical School. I also convene the Inequalities in Health Research Interest Group in the Institute of Health.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Elucidating Pathways of Child Health Inequality Canadian Institutes of Health Research 01 Oct 2012 30 Sep 2017
Childhood limiting long-term illness/disability and socioeconomic disadvantage in the UK: exploring predictors, trends and causal directions ESRC 15 Nov 2010 14 May 2012
Evaluation of Disabled Childrens Access to Child (DCATCH)- Pilot National Centre for Social Research 01 Oct 2009 01 Apr 2010
Development of Survey on Services for Disabled Children National Centre for Social Research 24 Mar 2008 01 Aug 2008
Can we count them? Disabled children and their households ESRC 01 Apr 2006 31 Mar 2007
Carers Online Project: Evaluation of Carers Experiences of Using ICT to Meet their Information Needs Carers National Association 01 Aug 2001 31 Jul 2003
Child Poverty and Health: Proposal for a Systematic Review of Exsiting Evidence Health Development Agency 30 Mar 2002 31 Mar 2003