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Republic of Moldova

Training Meeting for a National Survey on Salt Consumption
5th December 2015
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The W.H.O. Collaborating Centre of the University of Warwick is providing technical support to the National Centre of Public Health of the Republic of Moldova, as part of its remits to support the W.H.O. Region for Europe in the implementation of population salt reduction programmes in Member States. The technical support will help define the methodology and the tools for a national survey on salt intake in Moldova, providing training for national co-ordinators and support during data collection, process and analysis.

The first meeting was held in Chisinau on 5th December 2015 and was attended by Prof Francesco P Cappuccio from the W.H.O. Collaborating Centre, Dr Angela Ciobanu, W.H.O. Representative in Moldova, Dr Valeriu Gonceear representing the Ministry of Health and Dr Ion Salaru and Dr Galina Obreja of the National Centre of Public Health of the Republic of Moldova (see programme).

Photo Chisinau

Participants to the first training day in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova