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Ciara Harris

Job Title
Research Fellow
WMS - Health Sciences
Research Interests

Dr Harris' primary research interests lie in the evolving delivery of acute, hospital-level healthcare outside the hospital environment, in particular through Hospital at Home, the role of physiotherapists and other health professionals in this environment, and the role and perceptions of risk in healthcare decision-making.


Ciara is a chartered physiotherapist and post-doctoral research fellow. She worked clinically full-time in the NHS, across a number of clinical specialties, before moving to a research role when completing her PhD. She continues to undertake some clinical work alongside her research role. Her research interests primarily focus on the evolution and delivery of acute healthcare outside traditional hospital environments. She is especially interested in Hospital at Home, the evolving role of physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals within this setting, and the ongoing development and expansion of the scope of Hospital at Home services. She is also involved in a number of other projects, including investigating implementation of a tool to reduce falls in care homes. She uses mixed methods in her research and is a committee member of the UK Hospital at Home Society.