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Dr Alex Conner

Job Title
Assistant Professor
WMS - Translational Medicine
+44 (0)2476 528376
Research Interests

Combining the structure function analyses of a range of GPCRs with their clinical and biological relevance to answer fundamental questions about cell signalling, drug response and pharmacology. Key areas of interest include a particular clinical emphasis on orexins and their receptors, as well as a general approach to elucidate the shared mechanisms of action between the sub-families of G-protein coupled receptors. I also have an interest in neuropsychopharmacology and the genetics of psychiatric disease.

  • Barwell, James, Wootten, Denise, Conner, Alex C., Simms, John, Wheatley, Mark, Poyner, David, 2009. Ligand binding and activation of the CGRP receptor. Turkish Society of Molecular Medicine Third International Congress of Molecular Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey, May 5?8, 2009, Published in IUBMB Life, pp. 289-289
Title Funder Award start Award end
The second extracellular loop of the CGRP receptor: A docking site for vasoprotective ligands British Heart Foundation 01 Mar 2013 29 Feb 2016