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Dr Chetan Trivedy

Job Title
Clinical Lecturer
WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
Research Interests

-Clinical Prediction Rules -Cost-effectiveness and safety of diagnostic tesing in the emergency department (ED) -Health screening in the pre-hospital setting - Maxillofacial emergencies - Medical/ dental emergencies - Oral cancer -Unscheduled retun visits to the ED


After qualifying as a dentist in the early 90?s I worked in both general practice as well as in oral and maxillofacial surgery. I embarked on a higher research degree in 1995 leading to a PhD in the field of head and neck oncology. My research examined the role of trace metals (zinc and copper) in the fibrosis and malignant transformation of the oral mucosa. I completed my medical training in London and after completing my house jobs (Pre FY2 era) I pursued a career in emergency medicine. I have completed two core textbooks for emergency medicine trainees preparing for their membership exams as well teaching basic sciences to medical postgraduate students. I teach on a variety of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate doctors and dentists. I have a specialist interest in maxillofacial and dental emergencies. I am currently an NIHR funded Academic Clinical lecturer and my time is dived between the medical school and the emergency department at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. I am the president of the trainees group at the College of Emergency Medicine and the lead clinician at the Oval Cricket Ground where I have set up a charity to promote health at sporting events (Boundaries For Life)