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Dr Daniel Mitchell



Principal Teaching Fellow


WMS - Translational Medicine
University of Warwick

Research Interests

Research interests include the molecular basis for immune system interactions with their environments, especially the role of glycobiology and the complement system in pathogen recognition and cellular communication in host tissues. Recent work involves the analysis of polymer-protein and polymer-cell interactions in healthcare, drawing upon strengths in polymer chemistry at Warwick. These studies are being developed alongside clinical studies in renal transplantation at the University Hospital, Coventry.


Dan's research carried out as part of the PhD degree (awarded in 2000 from Imperial College) involved the genetics of autoimmune disease and the role of innate immune mechanisms in autoimmunity and inflammation. This work was carried out with Marina Botto and Mark Walport. Postdoctoral work at the Oxford Glycobiology Institute with Kurt Drickamer involved the post-genomic study of protein-oligosaccharide interactions within the immune system, especially those encountered in HIV infection. Subsequent work with Bob Sim at the MRC Immunochemistry Unit in Oxford involved the investigation of the immune system in prion diseases such as scrapie and BSE. Several significant publications have emerged from these collective studies, including papers in Science and Nature Medicine.

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