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Felix Achana

Job Title
Associate Professor
WMS - Health Sciences
+44 (0) 2476 575265
Web Link
Research Interests

Felix Achana is an Associate Professor of Health Technology Assessment at the University of Warwick Medical School. He holds a joint position with the University of Oxford where he is a senior researcher in health economics at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. His research interests span the interface between medical statistics and health technology assessment (HTA) with a focus on generating quantitative insights in support of the HTA process, including but not limited to the analysis of complex datasets, mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis, survival analysis, and cost-effectiveness modelling.

Title Funder Award start Award end
NIHR RIGHT programme - Stage 2: TRANSFORM project (related to 61743 outline): An asseT-based appRoAch FOR improving access to Mental health care in slums: the TRAnsFORM Project National Institute for Health Research (DoH) 01 Sep 2020 31 Aug 2025
NIHR HTA 2nd stage. A randomised controlled trial of PAramediC analgesia Comapring Ketamine and MorphiNe in trauma (PACKMaN) National Institute for Health Research (DoH) 01 Sep 2019 31 May 2024
NIHR TAR2 12 month extension and supplement - orginal award on IDEATE number 00169 under Aileen Clarke National Institute for Health Research (DoH) 01 Apr 2021 31 Mar 2022