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Dr Francis Sweeney

Job Title
Research Associate
WMS - Microbiology and Infection
+44(0)24 76573299

My present duties include performing and supervising high quality research under the direction of Professor Mark Achtman within the Microbiology and Infection Division of Warwick Medical School. I ensure the completion of programmes of nationally important research work funded by grant awarding bodies. I provide input to all aspects of the projects development and assisted in the compilation of two successful grant applications to BBSRC and Defra. In the last few years I have published several papers in refereed international scientific journals. Representing Warwick University, I have presented work nationally at the Warwick meeting of the Society for General Microbiology and internationally at the 4th international conference on M.bovis in the Republic of Ireland. I am also responsible for the day to day supervision of technical staff and the teaching and supervision of students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have collaborated actively and productively with several research groups in the UK notably those at the Health Protection Agency at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham and the Veterinary Laboratory Agency (VLA). International collaborations include the world respected Veterinary science group at University College Dublin. I help in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students providing them with the ability to perform advanced scientific techniques such as real time PCR and Immunological staining useful for their scientific development. I am also responsible for the robotic workstation and am actively developing robotics for high throughput solutions to stakeholder problems. I troubleshoot scientific problems for technical staff and students and am responsible for the implementation of risk assessments and safety in the laboratory. I have attended meetings with the Health and safety executive in Sheffield and am registered for category III containment work.