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Recent Publications

Publications for Dr Mike Khan - Department of Biological Sciences

  • Betteridge D.J., and Khan M*. Inherited disorders of HDL metabolism. (1998). Lancet 351:1903-4
  • Pelengaris SA, Littlewood T, Khan M*, Elia G and Evan G.  Reversible activation of c-Myc in skin- induction of a complex neoplastic phenotype by a single oncogenic lesion. (1999). Molecular Cell 6:  565-577
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  • Pelengaris, S*., Khan, M*., and Evan, G.  Suppression of Myc-induced apoptosis in beta cells exposes multiple innate oncogenic properties of Myc sufficient to trigger immediate carcinogenic progression (2002). Cell, 109(3): 321-334 (Joint first authors).
  • Mattu RK, Trevelyan J, Needham EW, Khan M*, Adiseshiah MA, Richter D, Murray RG, Betteridge DJ.  Lipoprotein lipase gene and microalbuminuria.  Diabetologia 2002 Jun;45(6):905-913.                                                                               
  • Pelengaris, S., Khan, M., and Evan, G.   c-Myc: more than just a matter of life and death. Nature-reviews cancer. (2002). 2: 764-776.
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  • Khan, M*., Pelengaris, S., Cooper, M., Smith, C., Evan, G., and Betteridge, DJ. (2003). Oxidised lipoproteins may promote inflammation through the selective delay of engulfment but not binding of apoptotic cells by macrophages. Atherosclerosis. In press.
  • John Betteridge and Michael Khan.  Statins and coronary artery disease (first edition). 2001. Science Press. ISBN 1-85873-251-4. Complete textbook, published in the UK and translations in Spanish, and Greek.
  • John Betteridge and Michael Khan. Statins and coronary artery disease (second edition). 2003. Science Press.
  • Michael Khan and Stella Pelengaris.  Lipids and diabetes. 2002.  Current Medical Literature. ISBN 1-85009-182-X Complete textbook.