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Dr Mohapradeep Mohan

Job Title
Research Fellow
WMS - Health Sciences
+44 2476 151344 (direct) / Ext: 51344
Research Interests

Dr Mohan's current research interests takes a multi-disciplinary approach and are broadly focussed around cardiovascular medicine and psychiatry. These encompass studies to understand the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases in patients with psychotic disorders and in the development of treatment strategies for this group of patients. With his cardiovascular research background, Dr Mohan has developing interests in patient-oriented cardio-psychiatry based research programs aimed to improve the cardiometabolic health and medical outcomes of patients with mental illness globally, particularly in low and middle income countries, including India.


Dr Mohan's is a scientist by profession and his research over the last decade revolved around undertaking 'patient - oriented' clinical research studies, predominantly in cardiometabolic diseases. He joined University of Warwick in January 2018 and is currently working with Prof Swaran Singh at the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research as a Senior Research Fellow / Programme Manager, leading an NIHR Global Health Research Group on Psychosis Outcomes: the Warwick- India-Canada {WIC} Network, focused on reducing the burden of psychotic disorders in India. Prior to this, he was working at the University of Dundee, Scotland where he was a British Heart Foundation research fellow and also completed his PhD in cardiovascular medicine. His doctoral research was around repurposing the diabetic drug, metformin in cardiovascular diseases, where he showed for the first time in a randomized controlled clinical trial that metformin can reduce left ventricular hypertrophy in high risk cardiovascular patients, who have non-diabetic hyperglycemia. He also have two MSc (one in Bioinformatics and one in Biotechnology). Dr Mohan has extensive experience in running and managing clinical trials, Big Data studies and multicentre observational studies funded by various large funding agencies, including EU FP-7. He is an experienced clinical researcher in cardiometabolic disorders and have worked in various academic institutions, in UK and India.

Title Funder Award start Award end
NIHR WIC Extension National Institute for Health Research (DoH) 01 Jul 2020 31 Jan 2022