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Dr Jurgen Muller

Job Title
Associate Professor
WMS - Translational Medicine
Title Funder Award start Award end
Investigation of cellular signalling pathways regulating vasopressin synthesis in the hypothalamus (donation) Jonathan Feuer 01 Jul 2012 30 Jun 2014
BHF ACC2 Pilot Study: A pilot study to test the hypothesis that in cardiomyocytes ACC-2 association with mitochondria is reversible and controlled by factors tha affect cardiac fatty acid oxidation. British Heart Foundation 01 Mar 2010 28 Feb 2011
MRC transfer from Bangor: Regulation of ERK signalling by the scaffold protein KSR1 MRC 01 Nov 2008 31 Aug 2010
BCC Ref: Grant 2007 Nov SP23 - Identification of Novel ERK5 Substrates Implicated in Breast cancer Breast Cancer Campaign 01 Nov 2008 31 Jan 2009